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Glasgow Airport Car Transfers

All Glasgow Airport transfers will be picked up from the private taxi pick-up point located within the ground level of Car Park 2, it's easy to find, when you are outside the main Terminal building simply cross the road at the pedestrian crossing directly under the bridge that links the main Terminal building with Car Park 2. 

It is important that you take the time to familiarise yourself with the pick-up procedure, whether you have booked online or booked over the phone we will always pick you up on the ground level of Car Park 2, this will not apply to customers who have requested a meet and greet service as they will be met as they exit the arrivals gate.

We understand that you may have turned your mobile phone off or diverted calls to voicemail for your flight as this is required by some Airlines, when you are within the baggage reclaim area could you please remember to turn your phone back on as your driver may be trying to contact you.

If you would prefer to be met by your driver as you exit the arivals gate please ensure that you choose this option by ticking the box on the online booking form, (£10.00 Charge).

Glasgow Airport taxis will monitor the progress of your flight through official sources published on the Glasgow Airport website, this ensures we have the most up to date and accurate information on your arrival time, if for any reason your flight is delayed we will be aware of it and we will adjust our pick-time accordingly.


Cross the road here to get to Car Park 2

Please note, when you leave the main Terminal building you will see a long line of white taxis parked at the roadside, these taxis don't work for us, they work for a completely different company.

If I could just say a few words about the white taxis in the picture above, they have to pay for expensive licences which allow them the privilege of picking up passengers from directly outside the Terminal building, unfortunately the cost of these licences have to be passed on to you the fare paying passenger in the form of higher fares.


Go through these doors to the pick-up point, call us on 0141 249 0642 when you are at the pick-up point pictured below.



When we receive your call to tell us you are at the pick-up point above we will instruct the driver who will be waiting nearby to enter the car park and pick you up.

Glasgow Airport taxis have to pass through a barrier to enter Car Park 2, once we enter the Car Park we are allowed 10 Minutes waiting time for a small fee, if however we exceed this 10 minute waiting period premium rate parking charges start to apply, which unfortunately we would need to add to the clients fare.       

This can occur if your driver enters car park 2 too early and there are also delays at Immigration and baggage reclaim, often caused by a number of flights arriving at the same time or within a short period of time of one another.

To avoid incurring excessive car parking charges your driver will only enter Car Park 2 when you have called us on 0141 249 0642 to let us know you are at the private taxi pick-up point.

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