Travel in comfort with Glasgow Airport Cab Hire.


1) Prices for journeys booked online have been based on the information that you have given us (pick-up point-destination), if the driver is instructed to drive to any destination other than that which is stated on the online booking form, then the agreed journey at the agreed price will be deemed void, the final cost of the journey will be calculated based on mileage travelled at our current rates, any monies paid online will be deducted from the final cost of the journey.

2) The customer can deviate or take a detour from the agreed route/destination at anytime, but the price that was given/agreed will no longer apply, additional mileage incurred as a result of the driver being requested to deviate or travel to alternate destinations will be charged for at our current rates, in this case the the cost of the journey will automatically default to the mileage travelled at our current rates, this being the method used to calculate the final cost of the journey.

3) Quotes for journeys which have been given by phone or e-mail are estimates and not agreed prices, a quote is not a booking, and prices can change without notice, we continually assess our own prices as well as those of our competitors to ensure we are competitive.

4) We will always endeavour to give accurate quotes, but, in cases where there are multiple drops/unfamiliar destinations this isn't always easy, the method by which a journey cost will be calculated will be by mileage travelled at our current rates, this will always take precedence.

5) If the vehicle type that the client has requested is unavailable, Glasgow Airport Cab Hire reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle type which will meet the clients needs, this will be at no additional cost to the client.

6) If a clients elects to pay for a journey by debit or credit card and the transaction is "declined", Glasgow Airport Cab Hire will accept no responsibility for this, as the transaction has been declined by the card issuer, the client will then need to pay for the journey by other means, and any additional mileage incurred transporting the client to ATMs etc will be at the cost of the client, and will be added to the final fare.

7) Any waiting time which has been incurred as a result of the client requesting the driver to stop at Shop's, Petrol Stations, ATMs or for any other reason will be charged at 20p per minute.

8) Our drivers will reserve the right to terminate the hire/journey at any time, if as a result of alcohol consumption, any passenger behaves in an abusive or anti-social manner.

9) Glasgow Airport Cab Hire will not accept any liability for the loss or damage to any property carried in our vehicles, all property is carried at owners risk.

10) Glasgow Airport Cab Hire will make every effort to get you to your destination on time, however, we will not accept responsibility/liability for, or any costs incurred as a result of missed appointments, meetings, flights, train departures or ship departures, caused by delays due to mechanical failure, traffic congestion, road works or road diversions or closures caused  by road accidents or adverse weather conditions, or for any other reason which is clearly outwith our control.

11) Glasgow Airport Cab Hire understand that it can take varying amounts of time to clear customs and baggage reclaim, in our experience we believe that a maximum of forty five minutes after your flight shows as "landed" is a reasonable amount of time during which we would expect to meet you at car park 2, we will allow a maximum of one hour for International flights, if after these times have elapsed without your arrival and with no contact being made either by phone or e-mail we will reserve the right to stand down from the job as we have other commitments and cars are required on other jobs.

12) On certain hires Glasgow Airport Cab Hire may request that a client pays for a journey in advance either in part or full payment by debit/credit card.

13) Prices for journeys which have been booked online have been calculated on the basis of one pick-up and one drop-off point, mileage incurred for additional drops will be charged from the first drop off at our current rate of £1.50 per mile (saloon & estate car) and £1.90 per mile (8 seat minibus).

14) If clearly as a result of alcohol consumption any passenger soils our vehicles with vomit or any other bodily fluid a £50.00 charge will be immediately payable to the driver in addition to the taxi fare as we will need to take the vehicle out of service to be properly cleaned, the hire will not continue until the soiling charge is paid.

15) We have a very simple cancellation policy, a client can cancel a booking at any time, either by phone or email, any monies which have been paid in advance either online through PayPal or by credit or debit card will be refunded in full.

16) Please note that there is a 30% surcharge on all transfers booked between 18.00 on the 24th December 2015 and 23.55 on the 3rd January 2016.